The presentation of the Engine as artifact and its given name “Vestigial Limb” allow it to transcend the realm of tool. As ephemera from the performance: The Machining of the Fool, the once gas-powered weed-wacker acts as an extension of the performer. The engine is pull-started repeatedly, roaring and burning through fuel as it is bound and strapped to the character: The Grafted Fool. Through this transformation of purpose and lack of function, this tool has become a vestigial limb for the fool, and in its separation from said character, it has been severed and therefor DECOMMISSIONED.

Throughout the performance The Death Catalyst pull-starts the engine and The Grafted Fool revs the engine until it shuts down, after which The Death Catalyst will once again pull the ignition cord and start the engine.

This cycle continues until the The Fuel Bladder has been emptied.