Death in Dade 4 reuses the modified motor from the previous performance and shifts the roles of the workers as well as some other elements. It also attempts to reconnect with many of the post-humanist visual aspects of "Death in Dade 1".

The performance consists of 3 performers tethered to one another. One performer has the modified gasoline-powered leaf blower harnessed to their back which is being pull started by the two other performers who are harnessed to the ignition cord. Reggaeton plays in the background mimicking the sounds of the nightclub and the performance ends once all the gasoline has been burned. Unlike the previous work in the series, these performers are now draped in gold chains and the safety green head covering from "Death in Dade 3" has evolved from a laborer's protection from the elements to a death veil which both anonymizes and dehumanizes. The originally pristine white uniforms (which have become soiled from dirt and rocks being kicked up by the engine's turbine and the worker's stomps) strap the workers to each other, emphasizing their individual roles within the labor ritual and their literal (and limiting) connection to each other.