"Death in Dade 2" is a continuation of the concepts and themes from "Death in Dade 1" with a few different cilices.
Displayed is "Cilice wearer no. 03" who wears a piece similar to the previous one. This time around however, I attempted to further dwell on iconography of consumerism which became represented in the Nike "swoosh" on the performer's chest, implying that the restraint itself has been created by the corporation and not the worker (suggesting that the corporation is influencing this self-instrumentalization).

I also focused more on the pious/spiritual elements of the cilice which led me to place more work into the garments themselves and how they could mimic and allude to the draping of clothes in religious paintings rather than become secondary to the wooden structures.

Continuing to investigate the draping of the garment in catholic rennaisance paintings led me to the many themes and metaphors of holiness and greed present in both those works and the "Death in Dade" series. This investigation culminated in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of works such as Raphael's "Transfiguration" through gestures and compositions.

The cilice’s wearer is depicted as a heavenly martyr.