"Corra que Viene la Migra" was meant to use the medium of performance as a way to play with characters, theatrics, and framing. With this work I began exploring the characters and actions that continued to appear within my work such as the wearer of the white garment and the process of dirtying that white garment. I also began further exploring the cyclicality of labor and the failure of the worker to escape it.
The title translates to "Run, Immigration is coming" which was a joke thrown around when I lived in Colombia but it also holds dark undertones of futility and hostility.

The performance itself consists of the main performer draped in white fabrics and tied to a column through the use of a rope. The character runs towards the wall and the rope becomes taught, dragging them down to the ground onto a bed of powdered concrete, dirtying the white fabrics. A second performer acts as a looming dark figure which both observes this failure to escape and also cares for the main performer.